Sub-Surface Scanning

Sub-Surface Ground Penetrating Radar

Save yourself and your company. Don't begin digging until you know exactly where everything is located under your job site.

You know what’s at stake when your crews break ground. Being off by just a few inches can cost thousands, even millions in line repairs, construction delays, civic fines, and “cleanup”. Beyond the dollars, your company image is at stake. Subsurface work can be riddles with unforeseen utilities, objects, and other dangers. What if you could conduct a “virtual dig” ahead of the shovels…get a picture of what lies beneath and prevent a disaster instead of creating one? Ground penetrating radar gives you that vision, allowing the project site to remain safe and work to proceed without delays.

GeoRadar has years of experience locating subsurface utilities, voids, sinkholes, and underground storage tanks. Use the best ground penetrating radar from the best in the business.