Concrete Structural Scanning

Scanning concrete to avoid digging issues

Quickly locate obstructions in your concrete prior to cutting, drilling or coring.

Looking for a reliable, non-destructive means to locate targets within concrete structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring? GeoRadar has years of experience helping customers in Seattle, WA locating post tension cables, rebar, and conduits in concrete. Clients make informed decisions about their projects based on the accurate information GeoRadar provides through the use of Structure Scan III radar technology. This non-destructive testing technology allows you to execute your projects efficiently and effectively saving yourself time and money.

Why use our ground penetrating radar to search for hidden pipes?

Our radar technology is far superior to the outdated x-ray technology. It is quicker, non-destructive, non-evasive, and more cost efficient. See for yourself why others are choosing ground penetrating radar over x-ray.

Use ground penetrating radar to:

  • Inspect walls, floors, decks, slabs, tunnels, balconies and garages.
  • Locate rebar, tension cables, conduits, voids and measure slab thickness.
  • Thousands of square feet of concrete can be inspected in a day.
  • Accurately locate targets in concrete to a depth of 18 inches.
  • Detect and map the relative concrete condition for rehab planning.
  • Architectural Facade Inspection.
  • Bridge Inspections.
  • Construction Forensics.
  • 3D mapping of interior obstructions.
  • Seismic Retrofitting.
Overhead view of ground penetrating radar preparation